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About our portfolio websites

When you use PortfolioDog, not only do you get a community gallery here, but you also get your own private website, free.

Your free account comes with a gallery here, plus a standalone site that displays only your art. Want more? Look below to see what you get with a paid membership.

Your new website will use your gallery here so there's zero extra work!

Domain included

Your website should reflect the quality of your work. Go pro with a .com or .net domain

Custom styles

Choose a basic layout, then customize fonts and colors, add slideshows and more

Sell art commission free

You can sell your creations directly and keep 100% of your sales

No ads

Enjoy an ad-free viewing experience

SSL secured

For a safe browsing and shopping experience for all


Our sites are optimized for speed, improving user experience

Device independent

Your portfolio will look great on mobile devices, tablets, and computers

SEO optimized

Under-the-hood enhancements play nice with search engines

Personalized contact page

We hide your email so spammers can't get it, while visitors can still email you directly

5 GB storage

You'll have plenty of space for your images, and we're flexible on the limit

Visitor analytics

Detailed statistics show you up-to-date information about your visitors

30-day guarantee

Cancel anytime

By signing up, you're agreeing to our Terms of Service and Refund Policy.

Secure purchase

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PortfolioDog Website Terms of Service

By using the PortfolioDog website service, you agree to be bound by these conditions, along with the general Terms of Service for the PortfolioDog website, the latter of which can be found here.

Your PortfolioDog subscription will renew either monthly or yearly, depending on the plan you selected when purchasing the service. If you cancel at any point after the initial thirty days, but before your PortfolioDog subscription renews, your site will stay online until the end of that payment period. For example, if you have a monthly plan and cancel half way through the second month of your subscription, your site will remain online until the end of that second month.

While we strive to provide as close to 100% uptime as possible, PortfolioDog can't be held responsible for intermittent website issues, including, but not limited to server failure, power outages, software glitches, hacking, or the like.

PortfolioDog reserves the right to promote or reference your PortfolioDog website and the images and content contained within it, in electronic or physical media, including but not limited to email, web ads, or other promotions, without your additional consent.

The domain associated with your PortfolioDog website remains the property of PortfolioDog during, and if desired, after any PortfolioDog website subscription period associated with the domain. Requests for transferring domains to another owner can be made by sending an email via the PortfolioDog website's contact form. Please note in the event of transfer that fees may apply, and such fees will be disclosed and agreed upon before initiation of domain transfer. PortfolioDog is under no obligation to transfer the domain to another owner.

PortfolioDog Website 30-day Guarantee Terms

You may request a refund within thirty days of your purchase of either the monthly or yearly PortfolioDog package, for any reason. After the first thirty days, no refunds will be made, and your PortfolioDog site will stay online until you cancel your subscription.

Refunds will be processed in a timely manner. Your PortfolioDog website will deactivate and no longer be accessible after the refund has been made.

PortfolioDog will refund your money, less the cost of the domain purchase price, including all applicable taxes.

The domain will remain in the possession of PortfolioDog for at least the original registration period (typically one year). Requests for transfer can be made via the PortfolioDog website's contact form, as outlined above.